Sunday, June 14, 2009

Blogs are Great

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You learn so much from reading agents blogs, publishing blogs, and agents twitters. There is a wealth of information on their sites. Unfortunately, it tends to make me even more paranoid about everything I've done wrong.

BTW I hate query letters. It seems so impossible to portray my novel in a way that I think does it justice. I have done more revisions on it and it seems only to be getting better, so every time I finish a new query it just lets me down. I think I've got it then it just doesn't seem to work as I had hoped that it would. Even after reading the tips I find on query letters it seems to difficult to apply to my novel. My novel has lots of subplots, is told through first person multiple points of view alternating between three characters, and I can't figure out what exactly needs to be put into the letter.

Also, I think I want to change the title to The Shifting. Just sounds better to me.

Updates on WIP:
I have some new things to add to this

The Road Home- YA urban fantasy sequel to The Shifting (?)= remains at 25,000 while I tweak areas
Where Footprints Remain- Historical Fiction= 3,000 wds. completing more research
Cupid's Disciple- YA urban fantasy =4,500 wds.

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  1. Pretty impressive kiddo! I can't even write one book and here you are writing 3 at once! I see you are following Bruce Lee's tip:
    "Running water never grows stale. So you just have to keep on flowing."
    Excellent advice and I think I will try it myself :-)
    Keep up the good work and soon your fortune will come true! Luv ya!