Monday, June 8, 2009


So I haven't heard word on any queries, partials, or fulls floating around out there in the publishing world yet.

I've done my best to scrape every last grammatical error from The Hallows and decided to re-write a couple sections of dialogue and back story, now there's really nothing more that I can do to the manuscript at this point.

Update on WIP: The sequel to The Hallows, entitled The Road Home is on it's way, nearing 25,000 wds.

Also, I'm completing some preliminary research on a totally unrelated project. This one is an adult historical fiction entitled Where Footprints Remain. All I'm prepared to say on this one is that it concentrates on the Cherokee people of western North Carolina and parts of Tennessee during the Indian Removal Act of the 1830's.

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  1. now remember, I don't want to get 209 pages to edit with a deadline of 2 days this time around! So once you got 'em down the way you want 'em, mail 'em on over to me. Besides I want to see what happens next...:-)