Monday, June 1, 2009

Oh No

Reading back on that comment, I think it makes me look like I rushed. I didn't. I just have no job right now, so when my son is in school I write while alternating with job search boards.

So I sent out my manuscript and guess what? I found an error in the first three pages. AAAAHHH! Then I found another error on page 20 I swear I fixed those, hopefully it's not enough to totally disgust the agents.

I'm probably just being ridiculous, but maybe I'm not.....


  1. Yes, she is being ridiculous..LOL it is writer nerves talking, when she told me what the mistakes were I couldn't believe she got so upset over them! Yes, mistakes can be a bad thing, if there are hundreds of them.
    Sarita did an awesome job with this book and I would recommend it to anyone,

  2. I have you signed up! I'll send details soon!