Sunday, June 21, 2009

Just an Update

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So I'm on a role with my new manuscript, Cupid's Disciple. It's at 20,000 wds. after only 4 days of writing. It's very different in a lot of way from the last book I wrote. The only similarity between the two is the alternating POV's.

This book I would still consider YA urban fantasy, though it could also be considered paranormal romance. Most of the book is based in the real world, the fantasy is light. There is language, violence, and sexual content. So yes, it would be considered edgy.

Also, just a little writer humor, courtesy of my mom.

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  1. Can't claim all the credit for the humor. The link was on another blog, I went, I laughed, I sent it to you Was just too funny not to pass along :-)
    Still thinking about kitchen utensils....LOL